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Navigate Change.

Keeping data secure, supporting your business with a solid infrastructure, empowering communication with audio visual solutions, and supporting all of your technology needs through managed services; your business IT challenges evolve every day and INNO4, a proven global technology services company, can help you chart your course.


Data Infrastructure

Corporate networks are challenged by new and critical tasks; video surveillance, wireless and audio/visual — on top of all the “traditional” voice and data requirements. INNO4 provides conceptualization and a skilled team to install and support robust data infrastructure from the patch panel to the cloud.

Data Infrastructure


Every day, news stories describe an ever-changing litany of breaches and other security incidents; however, the fundamental challenges of balancing productivity and risk never change. INNO4’s products and services help you assess and then mitigate that risk.


Audio Visual

A growing global environment requires a creative approach to drive effective communication and maximize virtual collaboration. With a complete system approach, INNO4 delivers a unique turnkey AV solution.

Audio Video

Enterprise Mobility

Before now, mobile was a “nice to have” for key users. Today, it is a necessity for all. INNO4 makes sure mobile meets the needs of users and the requirements of business, while addressing today’s security challenges.

Enterprise Mobility


Technology Integration

INNO4’s certified professionals follow a defined and proven methodology to design, implement and support technology solutions ranging from structured cabling systems and audio visual solutions, to cyber security services and solution deployments. INNO4’s focus is on consistency and quality. No matter where the customer asks us to operate, or the size or complexity of the engagement, we regularly deliver results customers call “unbelievable” — even on accelerated delivery schedules and technology rollouts!

Project Management

For INNO4, successful project/program management is working with different stakeholders, developing an effective plan, communicating that plan and continually adapting that plan for unexpected issues. It means minimizing disruptions to the customers, maximizing the project results and selecting the best tools for the job, whether that means specialized software, online collaboration or the INNO4 Playbook Methodology.

Consulting and Engineering Services

We are proactive and we understand the wide range of relevant technologies and their different impacts on your organization. Examples of our services include wireless site surveys and system architecture, audio visual system design, security assessments (including the role of physical security) and penetration testing.

Managed Services

INNO4 can manage your infrastructure as well as your security and mobility challenges. We help companies of all sizes with sophisticated tools, services and processes to keep them up and running. We offer a dedicated team that develops a relationship and comfort with each client and their systems.



Our work reflects our values; a can-do attitude, our relentlessness, and our consistency. We will not accept failure.

Our values extend to our approach to technology. We don’t accept shortcuts or prescribed approaches to problem solving. We strive to understand the big picture. We look for applicable best practices — and always seek ways to innovate to achieve solutions that are robust, economically smart, and deliver the fullest value from investments.

Above all, we tailor our work to the needs of our customers because they are our business partners. Your success is our success. About INNO4 →