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Today, information and technology underpin every organization.

From traditional IT to the rapidly changing needs of audio visual, cybersecurity , and enterprise mobility — it is exchanges of information, enabled by technology, that drive business and add value. INNO4 , a global technology services company, helps companies navigate. We enable and support enterprises from midsize to the Fortune 50 to  design, implement and support critical data infrastructure, audio visual,  cybersecurity and managed servcies through proactive and strategic consultation and project delivery.

Our “rightsized” scale and flexible delivery model adapts to your specific needs and our values-driven approach to business delivers outstanding results. We do more than route cables and install software, much more — we innovate. Teamed with our strong reseller partnerships of select hardware and software vendors, we solve problems.


A 50-person law firm and a Fortune 500 company actually face nearly identical challenges when rolling out a new technology. We are able to scale our services to match the scope of each project, ensuring consistency and quality. At INNO4, we deliver value across a full spectrum as both managed service provider and reseller, intelligently combining hardware and software expertise and services in a unified solutions approach. Whether you are oriented around a traditional data center or moving to the cloud, we understand what you will need to support core data infrastructure, audio visual, cybersecurity solutions. We have invested in creating teams of experts able to address each of these areas.


Traditional + Emerging Solutions

Built on the deep domain expertise of our founding partners, the “INNO” in our name speaks to our commitment to innovation. We don’t just deliver man-hours and port counts. At every stage of every engagement, we look for opportunities to add value through technology and services. Our flexible and robust service delivery model has supported our rapid growth and led directly to our work with some of the most prominent and well respected customers locally and nationally.

Our Expertise

INNO4 is built around innovation. But we are also built on expertise. Our people aren’t neophytes. They have deep experience. Whether it is understanding the tradeoffs involved in data center cabling project, designing and deploying a creative approach to audio visual,  carefully assessing the most efficient and appropriate approach to cybersecurity or providing a comprehensive and flexible managed services, we “get” technology. And, we understand the needs of business, enabling us to always deliver real value.

Data Infrastructure Solutions

Corporate networks are challenged by new and critical tasks; video surveillance, wireless and audio visual — on top of all the “traditional” voice and data requirements. INNO4 provides conceptualization and skilled people to install and support robust data infrastructure.

Data Infrastructure


Every day, news stories describe an ever-changing litany of breaches and other security incidents. However, the fundamental challenges of balancing productivity and risk never change. INNO4’s products and services help you assess and mitigate that risk.


Audio Visual

A growing global environment requires a creative approach to drive effective communication and maximize virtual collaboration. With a complete system approach, INNO4 delivers a unique turnkey AV solution.

Audio Visual

Enterprise Mobility

Before now, mobile was a “nice to have” for key users. Today, it is a necessity for all. INNO4 makes sure mobile meets the needs of users and the requirements of business while addressing today’s security challenges.

Enterprise Mobility