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Keeping your organization secure is always a matter of finding the right balance between security and productivity, and that’s a business decision. At INNO4, we recognize that this discussion comes first. We work with you to understand how to protect your organization without crippling it. Then, we engineer a security program built on industry leading products tailored to work effectively with your processes and people. The formula is unique to every organization.

Our team brings depth of experience to the subject along with our INNO4 do-the-job-right approach. We also offer Cybersecurity Services, so that you can focus on business while we help keep you secure going forward.


Are extremely concerned

67% of polled users said that they are “extremely concerned” about data privacy and information breaches. This is the number 1 top security and risk management concern of today’s Senior IT Executives.

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INNO4 collaborates with organizations, providing a combination of Consulting Services, Technology Integration, to achieve the best results. Our Cybersecurity Services platform allows us to manage and support the diverse information security needs of our clients. From supplementing a company’s existing security staff with a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or security architect to providing a skilled security analyst for gap analysis, engineering solutions, or vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, INNO4’s Cybersecurity Services can help.

No matter how we work with your organization, we take an in-depth yet balanced approach to addressing security challenges; whether internal, in the cloud, or along the mobile “edge” of the enterprise. We can quickly bring together the perspectives of stakeholders to ensure the results match the real needs of your organization.



Capabilities We Offer

  • Cybersecurity Services
  • Security staff augmentation and outsourcing
  • Consulting services to address security architecture, strategy, and policies
  • Audit, assessment, and gap analysis of IT infrastructure
  • Application and infrastructure vulnerability scanning and penetration testing
  • Managed Security Services
  • Vendor and platform-independent security system integration

Security Architecture and Design

  • Strategic roadmap development
  • Re-architecting to enable and enhance security controls
  • Emerging technology assessment and implementation
  • Enable secure sourcing models

Industry-Leading Products

  • Next-generation firewalls
  • Next-generation endpoint protection
  • Cloud application and storage security
  • Virtualization and data center security
  • Security Analytics
  • Shadow IT and mobile security
  • Secure file collaboration

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