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You know the challenges of your tech infrastructure and its critical role in supporting everything you do. INNO4 exists to deliver what you need. From concept to installation and test, our quality and competence ensures that your investment pays dividends and delivers maximum value. What makes us standout is that we do more than just offer expert installation and connectivity — we provide deep technical knowledge, and system-thinking.

INNO4’s focus is on consistency and quality. No matter where the customer asks us to operate, and no matter the size or complexity of the engagement, we regularly deliver results customers call “unbelievable” — even on accelerated delivery schedules. In fact, those attributes make us particularly sought after for implementing technology rollouts!



This is the digital universe. It is growing 40% a year into the next decade, expanding to include not only the increasing number of people and enterprises doing everything online, but also all the “things” — smart devices — connected to the Internet, unleashing a new wave of opportunities for businesses and people around the world.

EMC Digital Universe with Research & Analysis by IDC


Working with partners we trust because of their technical excellence, innovation, and ability to deliver, INNO4 has formed a suite of design, installation, and support solutions. We maximize the value of our customers’ data infrastructure, no matter where it is located, from the network core at the data center to the edge at the end user. We don’t just deliver man-hours and port counts. At every stage of every engagement, we look for opportunities to add value through technology and services, whether you need to connect data, video, and mobile apps or the emerging elements of the Internet of Things. And, INNO4 has the experience, knowledge, skill and judgement to deliver outstanding and cost-effective results; with project management capabilities for technology rollouts.



Our solutions include

  • Copper and fiber optic structured cabling solutions (SCS)
  • Data center infrastructure
  • Audio visual systems
  • Secure wireless local area networks and sound masking systems
  • Cable system management, including design and documentation

Installation services

  • Project management offices (PMO’s) staffed with Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD’s) and engineers
  • Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) certified personnel with clear understanding of industry practices while maintaining the customer’s requirements
  • Field offices with manufacturer certified technicians for a consistent experience nationwide
  • Offsite equipment inventory and staging with equipment burn-in and diagnostics
  • Software and firmware updates
  • Rack, stack, and power
  • System programming
  • Testing and validation with the customer

Customized implementation

  • Program management with a single point of contact
  • Project management for simple to complex projects
  • Technology rollouts on a local and national scale
  • Installation services for network connected devices such as cameras, digital signage, and card readers
  • Value engineering
  • Ongoing maintenance and support services