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Each year it gets harder for most organizations to keep up with all the demands placed upon them. Whether it’s an IT group supporting the cloud AND legacy apps, a mid-size company balancing the need to grow AND the necessity of keeping systems secure or a professional services firm trying to leverage the benefits of mobility AND do it with too few specialists and too few available man-hours, the underlying problem is the same.

That’s why organizations of every size increasingly rely on managed services from trusted partners — it’s just about the only way to actually achieve all your goals without breaking the budget.



Businesses are generating terabytes of security-related data every day, placing a huge analysis and reporting burden on hard-pressed information security teams. The current 44 billion security events per month is figured to reach 65 billion by the end of the year.

Challenges managed services can solve:

  • Skill sets in short supply
  • Work load too great for current staff
  • Need for 24/7/365 coverage
  • Specific expertise and depth needed for project or problem resolution
  • Need to “break logjams” in delivering functionality, updates, etc.
  • Need to deliver cost-effective support for remote locations
  • Audio Visual Service
  • Security


From MAC (moves, adds, and changes) support — to helping organizations maintain and update cabling and related infrastructure — to Audio Visual Day 2 Service Agreements — to Managed Security Services Platforms, we offer a wide breadth of capabilities to address your organization’s challenges.

INNO4 is an experienced managed services partner. We have engaged with many kinds of organizations. Sometimes we are asked to deliver short-term crisis services to meet a specific need or deadline but often we are brought on for long-term services, as well.

Anchored on our core technology platforms; Data Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Mobility, and Audio Visual  — our Managed Services capabilities are broad and can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs.


Regardless of the style of infrastructure you have selected or your organizations size or maturity, we are skilled and adaptable when it comes to identifying how best to address your challenges and rectify problems.

With INNO4, our customers have the ability to choose what they need. We don’t offer a simplistic set of engagement types but, rather, a full range of options, which can customized to exactly address their challenges. We look for opportunities to innovate— and we always strive to exceed customer expectations, every time.