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We are a Massachusetts Statewide Contract Holder

As a Massachusetts based company, INNO4 is proud have been selected as Massachusetts Statewide Contract Holder. Our personnel have a legacy of knowledge and experience working with the Commonwealth and DCAMM. Under state contracts to date, INNO4 has provided products and services that include low voltage data cabling, cybersecurity services, and mobile device management to Commonwealth agencies, municipalities, education institutions, and law enforcement. The team is committed to providing an unparalleled level of value and service to the Commonwealth and its agencies and entities.


This statewide contract is for IT staff augmentation. INNO4 is a Category 3 – Niche Vendro for Next Generation Firewalls and Enterprise Mobility Management.



This statewide contract is for the acquisition of data cable (low voltage) products and cable related hardware and services. INNO4 is a Category 1 — Value Added Reseller for all regions statewide. The ITC68 contract covers telecommunications/data infrastructure hardware.



This statewide contract is for information technology (IT) professional services to perform fixed price projects. Assigned as a Technical Specialist, INNO4’s specialties include: project management, system integration / networking, information security services, and mobile applications among other.

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