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Down to Earth, But Well Above Your Expectations

INNO4 is a leading  technology services company. With locations across North America, we stand out in both our focus and in our approach to business. We listen, we respond, and we engage — sharing the best of our experiences to deliver real value.

Our team of professionals work closely with customers to  design, implement and maintain solutions from four primary technology platforms or Centers of Excellence; Data Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Audio Visual and Managed Services.  Our technologists and engineers provide consulting services to help customers identify, evaluate and plan for emerging technologies that will benefit their businesses.

Every project is different. However, we always build on our core competency in project management and best practices from the domains in which we operate. We then look for opportunities to innovate— and we always strive to exceed customer expectations, every time.


Our Centers of Excellence are the strengths upon which our work is based. However, we never take a one-size-fits-all approach; we focus only where customers need us to focus. If you need infrastructure or Audio Visual  help, that’s what we deliver. Likewise, some organizations just need help with mobility or cybersecurity. No problem, we deliver that, too.


Almost every company today TALKS about values. We prefer to LIVE our values. The old Roman adage, Deeds, Not Words applies. That’s why when we take on a task, everyone involved gives it their single-minded focus and complete dedication.  We don’t accept simplistic or “canned” approaches to problem solving.  We strive to understand the big picture and then work with you to devise solutions that are robust and economically smart and that deliver the fullest value from hardware and software investments. Above all, we treat customers like business partners. When you win, we win.


State & Local Government

State and local government are being challenged to enforce better levels of protection for citizen data and greater transparency when breaches do occur.


Education institutions have the difficult task of fostering openness while protecting students and critical assets such as research data. Moreover, today’s norm of 3 to 5 devices per student is taxing wired and wireless networks.


Consumers expect a single guest experience whether online, in-store, or using a mobile app. Efforts to secure and tailor that experience are driving the need for updated and secure infrastructure at the core and retail stores.

Health & Medical

The black-market value of stolen healthcare information makes health & medical organizations prime targets for attackers. Robust secure wireless networks are critical for mobile access to patient data for clinicians.

Finance, Legal & Insurance

Highly sensitive financial and client data make information security paramount for the financial, legal, and insurance sectors. Providers will need to change how they assess risk in the still-maturing market of cyber-insurance.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Companies are updating networks to support big data and Internet of things (IoT) solutions. Mobile continues its transformation of sales and service; empowering field forces with devices and remote access to real-time data.


Online travel agencies are having to follow their customers as they switch from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets while driving overall growth by expanding into newer markets such as China.


Reliable and secure networks and infrastructure connect distributed design and engineering teams that are focused on the speed of innovation. Mobile access to data is evolving beyond just email, contacts, and calendar.

Pharma & Biotech

The lifeblood of pharmaceutical & biotech companies is their products and the intellectual property protecting them. A balance of security policy and technology is required to protect critical assets from external and internal threats.